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Critical Currents in Islam Media Roundup (June 5-June 18)

الإفطار by Abdulla Al Muhairi on Creative Commons الإفطار by Abdulla Al Muhairi on Creative Commons

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating about Islam and reflects a wide variety of opinions and approaches. It does not reflect the views of the Critical Currents in Islam page or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Saturday night of every week.] 

June 12-18

"You are Islam's black sheep," RT News 
Three hundred Austrian Imams condemn ISIS terrorists: Islamic clerics in Austria have produced a nine-point declaration, calling ISIS terrorists “black sheep” and urging fellow believers to play a greater role in society, days after Austria introduced a burqa ban and compulsory integration courses.
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Richard Dawkins slams Islam as ‘most evil religion,’ then Trump for travel ban rhetoric, The Washington Times
Author Richard Dawkins told an audience last week that Islam is the “most evil” religion in the world while scolding President Donald Trump for his anti-terror rhetoric.
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Awake for the morning sahur meal, Muslim Londoners were first to help fire victims, residents say, The Daily Sabah
London Muslims, awake in the early dawn for sahur, were amongst the first responders in the West London neighborhood where an apartment building caught fire.
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Why Data Science Argues against a Muslim Ban, Scientific American 
Rigorous data proves that “common sense” arguments for the Muslim ban are simply wrong.
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Trump's 'Muslim ban' dealt new blow by US appeals court, Al-Jazeera 
As Trump attempts to get his controversial “Muslim ban” enacted, a US appeals court ruled that the ban violates federal law.
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Anti-Sharia rallies around the U.S. denounce Islam while stoking concerns among Muslim groups, Los Angeles Times 
Speaking out about what they believe are the ills of Islam, anti-Sharia law activists demonstrated nationwide Saturday, but were met by counter-protesters who assailed their rhetoric as insensitive and demeaning.
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Tensions between Muslims and Christians rise in CAR, Al-Jazeera 
In the midst of conflict in the Central African Republic, animosity continues to grow between Muslim and Christian communities.
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New Study: Islamophobia Common in Catholic Media, Religion Dispatches
Despite the pope’s insistence on a positive outlook on Muslims and their faith, islamophobia often finds a home in American Catholic institutions and media outlets.
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Muslim groups in Germany at odds over planned anti-terrorism march, The Guardian
The Nicht Mit Uns – or Not With Us – march has been planned as opposition to violence in the name of Islam, but some groups say it stigmatises Muslims.
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Thomas Jefferson’s iftar — and how White House Ramadan celebrations could end under Trump, The Washington Post
In the early days of December 1805, a handful of prominent politicians received formal invitations to join President Thomas Jefferson for a White House dinner... But this gathering, scheduled for 9 December would be slightly different.
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What Non-Muslims Need to Know about Ramadan, The Huffington Post
It is time for a primer on this month and all that it entails, so that rather than asking questions about the basics, allies can be prepared and work together to keep Muslims safe and protected.
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It isn’t just young people who have turned to Labour. Muslims have too, The Guardian
Muslims seem to have rejected the Tory party in large numbers, according to election analysis. However, given the way it engages with us, it is hardly surprising.
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In Germany, a new ‘feminist’ Islam is hoping to make a mark, The Washington Post
Inside the red-brick building that now houses the German capital’s newest and perhaps most unusual mosque, Seyran Ates is staging a feminist revolution of the Muslim faith. 
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Terrorism has changed. Blaming Islam is blinding us to the new reality, The Guardian
Today’s terrorists are mostly troubled and isolated young men with a history of violence. Their only intention is to make their attacks—and themselves—matter.
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A Short History of U.S. Presidents Explaining Islam to Muslims, The Atlantic
In giving a speech about the religion in Saudi Arabia this weekend, Donald Trump is poised to adopt one of Barack Obama’s errors, and likely to make it worse.
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Turkish Islamist push may be to blame for removal of Atatürk inscription at Anzac Cove, The Guardian 
Words likening Australia’s dead “Johnnies” to Ottoman “Mehmets” disappear as 1985 Gallipoli monument is restored.
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Cologne rally: As many as 10,000 Muslims to protest Islamic extremism, The Independent
As many as ten thousand Muslims are set to protest in a rally against extremism in Cologne on Saturday.
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On the recent past, fraught present, and tenuous future of Turkish Muslim civil society, The Immanent Frame
When I set out to conduct the research, I envisioned a panoramic study of a vibrant, emergent field of religious and political action in Turkey, embedded in the institutions and discourses of civil society... At the time, I could not imagine that this climate of political optimism, as well as the very domain of Muslim civil society that I set out to study, would prove to be so evanescent.
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Influence-rich Saudis blow through Sunni unity, 
Less than a month after hosting US President Donald Trump and fifty Muslim leaders, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's alliance of Sunni states is in tatters, squandered on a vendetta.
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Muslims today face a deep malaise. We must confront it, The Guardian
We have to yank our faith from the darkness of intolerance and the lull of tradition. Suicide bombs must be countered with the promise of moderation.
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 June 5-11

Trump says he's calling it a 'travel ban,' CNN
President Donald Trump on Monday emphatically referred to his executive order on immigration as a “travel ban” and said his Justice Department should not have submitted a “watered down, politically correct version” to the Supreme Court.
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Palestine in Motion, Al Jazeera
Al Jazeera meets with Palestinians across the globe to hear their stories.
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The end of Nasserism: How the 1967 War opened new space for Islamism in the Arab world, Brookings
The Six-Day War in 1967 was a blow against perceived Arab supremacy, and paved the way for nationalism and Islamism in the Arab world.
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What the 1967 War meant for Saudi religious exports, Brookings
Following the Six-Day War, Saudi proselytizers filled the vacuum left by secular Arab nationalism by exporting Wahhabism. 
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‘Kill them. Kill them all’: GOP congressman calls for war against radical Islamists, Washington Post
Congressman Clay Higgins came under fire for a controversial Facebook post this week where he advocated for violence against radical Islamists.
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Imams refuse funeral prayers for 'indefensible' London Bridge attackers, The Guardian
Imams and religious leaders in Britain have refused to conduct traditional funeral rites for the London Bridge attackers, stating that their actions stand at odds with the teachings of Islam.
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A Virginia imam said female genital mutilation prevents ‘hypersexuality,’ leading to calls for his dismissal, Washington Post
Congregants of a Virginia mosque reacted angrily to an imam’s support of female genital mutilation, with calls for his dismissal.
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No, British Muslims don’t have a special duty to combat extremism, Prospect
British Muslims frequently are called upon to “combat terrorism,” despite the fact that terrorism is a problem that Muslims have no control over.
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Will Qatar’s Diplomatic Exile Spark the Next Great War?, Foreign Policy
As Saudi Arabia and a number of Arab countries cut ties with Qatar, will Qatar’s connections to Iran lead to war?
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Can Saudi Arabia’s Young Prince Wean the Welfare State?, Foreign Policy
Prince Mohammad bin Salman seeks to reform the Saudi economy and transition it from an oil-dependent welfare state to a modern economy; will he succeed?
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If Trump Wants a Fight in the Middle East, Iran Will Give Him One, Foreign Policy
While Rouhani might be a moderate, Trumps inflammatory rhetoric might inflame Iran—and her allies—and push the Middle East to the brink of war. 
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A terrorism expert on why Trump's anti-Muslim posturing makes us less safe, Vox
In the wake of the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London, it is worth asking: Does Donald Trump’s approach to foreign policy and terrorism make us more or less safe? 
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Digital Footprints Paint an Eerily Accurate Picture of Europe's Refugees, Gizmodo
Using search data collected by Google, researchers at the Pew Research Center have reconstructed the journeys taken by refugees flowing into Europe from the Middle East. It represents a new way of tracking migration patterns—but the technology could be misused.
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Turkey's 'American Idol' of Quran recitation backfires, Al Monitor
This year a new Ramadan show where men compete in reciting the Qur’an has generated strong opposition from Islamist groups.
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Ramadan controversy over public eating resurfaces in Jordan, Al Monitor
The Jordanian security forces’ raid on a restaurant serving food in Ramadan on 2 June has sparked debate over whether Jordan is an Islamic state or a “civil state.”
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What is fuelling Islamic State's wave of Ramadan violence?, The Guardian
While Muslims all over the world are celebrating Ramadan, security officials in the Middle East and Europe are on high alert. 
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We will not tackle extremism by stigmatising Muslim citizens, The Guardian
In a time where radical terrorists seek to divide communities, it is important to avoid stigmatising innocent Muslims.
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Anti-Muslim hate crimes increase fivefold since London Bridge attacks, The Guardian
The London Bridge attacks have triggered a spike in hate crimes with a significant amount of them being attacks in the street directed at British Muslims.
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What is the Shia-Sunni divide?, Religion News
As conflict grows in the Middle East, more and more people are wondering: what is the difference between Shi’i and Sunni Islam?
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The Qur’an Illuminated, Marginalia
During one of the most charged elections in American history, an exhibit at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery in Washington, D.C., served as a much-needed counter to an administration that has shown itself time and time again to be fundamentally anti-Islam.
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Led by Islamists, thousands of Moroccans rally in support of northern protests, Reuters
Political unrest and claims of corruption have provoked residents in north Morocco to take to the street alongside the Adl wa-l-Ihsan Party.
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Marianne, Under Siege, LA Review of Books
The lure of jihad in France is evaluated through the lens of Gilles Kepel’s new book, Terror in France: The Rise of Jihad in the West, in addition to social conditions like unemployment and poverty.
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Population (July 2016 est.)40,263,711
GDP (2016 est.)$609.4 billion
(2016 est.)9.9%
Youth Unemployment (ages 15-24;
2014 est.): 25.3%
Military Expenditures 
(/GDP, 2016 est.)6%
Health Expenditures (/GDP, 2014 est.): 7.2%


Population (2015 est.)6,597,960
($US billions; 2016 est.)90.89
Unemployment (2004 est.)30%
Youth Unemployment (ages 15-24):
Military Expenditures: 
3.9% of GDP 
Health Expenditures (/GDP, 2014 est.): 5% 


Population (2016 est.): 3,677,293
$7.242 billion
Unemployment (2016 est.)12.8% 
Youth Unemployment (ages 15-24): 67%
Military Expenditures (/GDP, 2014 est.): 2.67%
Health Expenditures (/GDP, 2014 est.): 3.8% 


Population (2016 est.)33,655,786
GDP ($US billions, 2016 est.):  $282.8
Unemployment (2016 est.): 9.9%;
Youth Unemployment (ages 15-24, 2014 est.): 20%
Military Expenditures (/GDP, 2015 est.): 3.25%
Health Expenditures (/GDP, 2014 est.)5.9% 


Population (2016 est.)11,134,588
GDP ($US billion, 2016 est.): $130.8 billion
Unemployment (2016 est.): 14%;
Youth Unemployment (ages 15-24, 2012 est.): 37.8%
Military Expenditures (/GDP, 2015 est.)2.28%
Health Expenditures (/GDP, 2014 est.)7%

Western Sahara:

Population (2016 est.)587,020
GDP ($US million, 2007 est.):  $906.5
Unemployment: n/a
Youth Unemployment (ages 15-24): n/a
Military Expenditures
Health Expenditures